Meet The Staff

Doc. T

Stupid Human Trick: I can make a Chewbacca sound (the wookie from Star Wars).

Favorite Past time: Mountain biking with my sons. The more air time the better!

Where I grew up: Vancouver, Washington.

Favorite part about the northwest: The mountains! So many amazing trials to explore.

Bit of advice: Keep calm and choose the right.


Stupid Human Trick: I can trip over a hole in the floor that isn’t even there!

Favorite Past Time: Spending as much time at the Oregon coast as possible.

Favorite thing about the Northwest: The coast… obviously 🙂 

Grew up in: Eugene and Salem Oregon

Bit of Advice: There is a reason for everything.


Stupid Human Trick: The innate ability to worry about worrying.

Favorite Past time: There is nothing better than spending a day at the beach with my family and furbaby.  I also can’t resist a good book.

Where I grew up: Alamogordo, New Mexico

Favorite part about the northwest:  The ability to see the mountains and the beaches in one single road trip.  Enjoying the beautiful summer weather but also loving to see the leaves change in the fall.

If I could pass one bit of advice: Choose Happy!


Stupid Human Trick: I can use my gluteus maximus to jump a jump rope.

Favorite Past Time: That feeling you get when you book it down the court after shooting the basketball and swishing it. (and yes, I had my own signature move)

Where I grew up: Dallas, OR

Favorite part about the Northwest: Taking an old back country road regardless of where we are going with my husband Miles. Also a good trip from time to time to our favorite place, the Oregon Coast.

If I could pass one bit of advice: When you look at things differently, the things that you look at will change.


Stupid Human Trick: Make one up for me. Thanks.

Favorite Past Time: I love to have my nose stuck in a book, after a hard day of flower gardening and hanging out with my husband, Charlie and family of weiner dogs.

Favorite thing about the Northwest: The Climate, trees, mountains and the close proximity of the ocean.

Grew up in: Susanville California

Bit of Advice: Always rely on Jesus!


Stupid Human Trick: I can ride a bike… with no hands.

Favorite Past Time: I enjoy working out with my friends. I also love to try new food spots. That being said I am always open to suggestions.  

Favorite thing about the Northwest: I love that we get to experience every season and the beauty that comes with it! I am also the biggest foodie you’ll ever meet! Lucky for me the PNW is full of all the best fooood. 

Grew up in: Albany, Oregon

Bit of Advice: You can never have too many shoes… 


Stupid Human Trick: Super Groovy dance moves.

Favorite Past Time: Go to the gym and nap for a few hours

Where I grew up: OREGON 

Favorite thing about the Northwest: Getting to experience all the seasons and having so many outdoor activities.

Bit of Advice: Just do you Boo, live yo life!