Meet the Staff

Our Family would love to meet yours! Read below and get to know our staff a little better before you drop on by.


Doctor Taylor:

Stupid Human Trick: I can make a Chewbacca sound (the wookie from Star Wars).


Favorite Past time: (besides spending time with your family because that is cheating) – Any type of sporting event, playing or cheering.


Where I grew up: Vancouver, Washington.


Favorite part about the northwest: Tillamook ice cream.


If I could pass one bit of advice: Keep calm and choose the right.


Stupid Human Trick: I imitate the chirping sound of a baby chick quite well.


Favorite Past time: Krav Maga, exploring/reveling in the glory of the rugged Pacific Northwest coastline, playing pool, watching UFC, and attending rock concerts.


Where I grew up: Salem, OR


Favorite part about the northwest: I can drive an hour to the west and find my beloved ocean. I can drive an hour to the east and be caught up in the splendor of the forested mountains (bonus if there’s snow!). But the gently rolling farmlands where I grew up have my heart forever.


If I could pass one bit of advice:“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present.” (yes, it’s from Kung Fu Panda).


Stupid Human Trick: I know every word spoken by every actor/actress in the movie “The Color Purple”.


Favorite Past time: Spending time with my family or reading.


Where I grew up: Kansas City, MO – Go Royals!


Favorite part about the northwest: Ocean, mountains, waterfalls and food (in no particular order :).


If I could pass one bit of advice:  Let go and let God take care of it. Life is too short to be anything but happy!


Stupid Human Trick: I can make a loud rooster noise.


Favorite Past time: Traveling and Geocaching.


Where I grew up: Lincoln City, OR


Favorite part about the northwest: I have seen a great deal of our beautiful country and I believe that we have the most wonderful people, scenery, food and climate. I would not live anywhere else!


If I could pass one bit of advice: Organization is the key to success!